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Summer Reading Project Requirements 9TH GRADE

All students are required to complete both Summer Reader project tasks BEFORE the 1st day of the 2020-2021 school year. These two project tasks will count as 40% of your grade for the first nine weeks. Your English I teacher will assign the dates that each project is due when you come back to school. If you have any questions or concerns please email either one of your 9th grade English teachers:
Mr. Carlos Limon = climon@harmonytx.org
Mrs. Alejandra Ovando = aovando@harmonytx.org

Project Requirements:

• Every student will read 2 books in total for the Summer Reader Project. One book will be assigned by your teacher and the other will be a student-choice book.
• Every student will complete 2 projects: One Book Review and One Illustration Review.

Book Choice #1 – Teacher Choice – Please purchase or rent one of these two books to read:
Sycthe by Neal Shusterman or Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
Book Choice #2 – Student Choice: The second book is a free choice for students to pick whichever book interests them the most; however, the book must have a minimum of 250 pages and must be of appropriate nature and content for school setting.

If you have any doubts about your book choice, please email either one of the 9th grade English teachers for approval or confirmation.
**These two books do not have to be in print format. You can buy them with your iPad, Kindle, or Nook, or find a version of them online.

Wow, I am really busy in the summer! How can I find time to read TWO books?

• Reading before bedtime is a great way to get in quality, daily reading time. It helps you relax and wind down from your busy summer day.
• Carry your books everywhere-read while you are at the carwash, running errands, waiting in line at a store, at the beach or pool, or waiting to get picked up or picking up a family member from dance class, taekwondo or summer day camp! Remember, listening to an audio book version is also available.
• Don’t RUSH to finish-take your time-read a little bit every day and ENJOY IT!

Project 1: Book Review (Use teacher-choice book)

• Use the 9th Grade Book Review Template found below for your review. You can print the form out and fill it in, you can copy the format on a sheet of paper and fill it in, or you can create a Word File/Google document while using the same format and instructions.
• The 9th Grade Book Review Template has been attached to this Summer Reader handout. A teacher-made example has also been attached if you feel you need a reference or a guide.
• Remember, the review will likely be seen by other students, so you don’t want to spoil the book or ending for them.
• Also, you can see examples of book summaries or recommendations on the book jacket/back of the book, on sites like barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com, and goodreads.com. Remember, these online or print examples are mentor texts for you to model your summary or recommendation – do NOT copy any examples from the internet or in print because this will be considered plagiarism, and the assignment will receive an automatic zero.
• Please know that your English teacher wants to get to know your unique thoughts and writing style, so believe in your own ability to explain and create a good summary/recommendation.

Project 2: Book Illustration: (Use student-choice book)

• You will need to choose your favorite quote from your book that demonstrates your author’s unique writing style or any personal beliefs. Make sure your quote is at least 2 complete sentences minimum or 5 complete sentences maximum. Please select a quote that has meaningful word choice or comments on a significant topic or situation.
• Add the title of the book and author. Then, copy the quote (include page # and chapter #) and then create an illustration to decorate or help visualize these words. Your original drawing or painting can focus on a specific scene surrounding or representing the quote; you can be inspired by the internet but avoid copying other original work to avoid plagiarism.

• The size of the design is up to you, but you may choose to create your illustration on a regular 9 x 11 piece of paper, on a poster, or even a canvas of your size.
• On the back of your illustration, please explain why you chose these lines to best represent your author’s writing style or your own personal beliefs. (3 sentences minimum and 5 sentences maximum)
• Remember, this is an illustration, so you must add color effectively to attract your reader’s attention; you may also use a black and white charcoal/pencil color scheme if this is your preference. Please see the Teacher-made Example to gain an idea of what a strong Book Illustration should look like and contain.


9th Grade Book Review

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