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Summer Reading Project Requirements 10TH Grade

All students are required to complete all requirements BEFORE the 1st day of school. This project will count as 40% of your grade for the first nine-weeks. Your teacher will assign the dates that each project is due. If you have any questions or concerns please email:

Ms. Tijerina ttijerina@harmonytx.org or Ms. Shariff yshariff@harmonytx.org

Project Requirements:

  • Every student will read 2 books in total for the Summer Reader Project. One book will be assigned by your teacher and the other will be free choice.
  • Every student will complete 2 projects: One book review and One illustration

 Teacher Choice: Purchase either book:  The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho or Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Husrston. DO NOT read both books.

Student Choice: The second book is free of choice; however, the book must have a minimum of 275 pages and must be of appropriate nature for school setting.

They do not have to be in print format. You can buy them with your iPad, Kindle, or Nook, or find a version of them online.  You may also check out the books from the Laredo Public Library.  Both books are available.

Wow, I am really busy in the summer! How can I find time to read TWO books?

  • Reading before bedtime is a great way to get in quality, daily reading time. It helps you relax and wind down from your busy summer day.
  • Carry your books everywhere-read while you are at the carwash, running errands, waiting in line at a store, at the beach or pool, or waiting to get picked up or picking up a family member from dance class, taekwondo or summer day camp!
  • Don’t RUSH to finish-take your time-read a little bit every day and ENJOY IT!

Project 1: Book Review

  • Use the  Book Review Template as the format for your reviews.  You can print the form out and fill it in, you can copy the format on a sheet of paper and fill it in, or you can type your own using the same format.
  • Write a brief summary of the book, but don’t give away the ending.  Remember, the review will likely be seen by other students, so you don’t want to spoil the book for them.  You can see examples of book summaries on the book jacket/back of the book, on sites like barnesandnoble.com, amazon.com, and goodreads.com.  Remember, these examples are mentor texts for you to model your summary – do not copy these examples to use as yours.
  • Finally, write your recommendation for the book.  Why did you like it?  Who else might like reading it?

Project 2: Book Illustrator:

  • Be a book illustrator. Choose one favorite quote/passage from the book.  Copy the quote/passage on your paper, then do your illustration.  This may be a painting or drawing.
  • You may also do this on a poster, construction paper, and/or canvas. Be as creative as possible.
  • The illustration should reference the quote that you selected.

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