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Greetings Esteemed Hawks,


I hope that you had an amazing summer and are ready to return to school!  We are excited to begin another academic year to better help you achieve your greatest academic and professional goals.  With this being said, please note the following regarding AP courses and AP Appeal Requests:

1) Scholars who were not placed in the original AP roster may appeal the decision.  Scholars must submit 1 AP Appeal Form per class that they wish to appeal.

2) The completed AP Appeal Form must be turned in by Wednesday, August 19th, 2020.  AP Appeal Forms will not be accepted beyond August 19th, 2020, 11:59PM.

3) You may access the AP Appeal Form here.  Download the form, type the requested information, and e-mail the completed form to Mr. C. Cantu at <ccantu@harmonytx.org>.

4) The AP Committee, composed of other educators, will review the appeal form and determine whether the scholar is eligible to be admitted into the course.  The scholar’s name will not be shared until an approval/denial decision has been finalized.

5) We project for AP appeal decisions to be finalized by Friday, August 28.

6) If the scholar is admitted into the AP course, the scholar must complete a portion of the AP summer assignment as communicated by the teacher.

7) Due to the nature of scheduling, some scholars may require an extensive schedule change to be placed into the course.  There is a rare likelihood that the scholar won’t be able to be placed into the course even if their appeal is approved.

8) For questions regarding the AP Appeal Form, you may contact Mr. C. Cantu at  <ccantu@harmonytx.org>.

9) For questions regarding schedules, you may contact your respective academic counselor:

  1. a) 9: L. Cantu <lcantu@harmonytx.org>
  2. b) 10: B. Abastta-Santos <bsantos@harmonytx.org>
  3. c) 11: I. Pala <ipala@harmonytx.org>
  4. d) 12: N. Chelik <nchelik@harmonytx.org>